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I use Radarscope Pro and this app. Perfect two apps for storm meteorologists and chasers.


This is "false" advertisement as I've already informed them. Website developer is CrushBox Software. Apple open your eyes and go through all the weather websites that contain NOAA. This is not legit.


Helpful app Radar needs to be upgraded in definition.

Lightning fast response from app author

I sent in suggestion through app contact link for app navigation improvement and got a response back from app author within minutes. If you are looking for one stop access to many different weather sources, whether it be NOAA radar, SPC predictions, lightning strike map, this is the app you will want.

Love this weather app!!!

Finally some competition for the other weather apps!

Corvallis John

Western Montana does not have many serious weather events compared to Mid West and Eastern States but I still fine NOAA weather radar to be of great use and it gives me a good idea of upcoming weather. And it's interesting to see what's going on in the rest of the country. I usually look at it everyday and love the app.

Great for receiving weather alerts!

This is the best and easiest to use weather alert app out there. I've been using it for years to receive National Weather Service alerts on my phone. The alerts come through as soon as they are issued, and signal is easily heard. If I'm are traveling, I can easily add and remove counties to stay weather alert wherever I am. I can also set it up to keep up with weather in other places (read: where my kids live) without receiving the actual alerts. So it's very versatile in that you can add multiple places with a mixture of the alert function off or on.


Make it a little faster update the national weather service maps update to the iOS 10

Awesome. Great push notifications!

My only concern about this app is the fact that it is not necessarily user-friendly for people who live outside the mainstream viewing areas like New York or charlotte. I also think that they should bring back the old spark lightning detector format as the new one isn't as smooth. Would like to see more local radars if at all possible but other then that love everything about this app.

Poorly done!

It needs more work. Specially when it comes to the radar image. The quality of the image is extremely poor compared to other apps such as Intellicast, NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro and many others. Which show a detail google map with good quality image. Some even show you with a dot where you are on the map and you can zoom in. And you can select to view it as a still image or loop video that you can pause at any time. Others apps also show you past and future radar images/video. And their satellite image is not a little window at the top right hand corner of the screen. They really need to go back to the drawing board with this one.

NOAA Weather App

Decent app. The temperatures seem to reflect more accurately the temperature I'm feeling at the time. The radar is fairly accurate too and has helped me beat storms heading to the sierras.


Redirects to wunderground, so when wunderground is down this app provides little to no value. Deleted...

Great App

Has been very accurate and helpful. I feel more comfortable having this app alarming and warning me in various bad weather conditions. A+++ rating from me! And it continues to warn me of weather in the areas I choose on my iPad Air. 5 stars

not happy

No support

Wouldn't be worth it if it was free

Just bought this app. A message says I'm not connected to the internet appears when I try to use it. Other apps are working, looks like I just flushed a couple bucks down the toilet. Hope I didn't download a virus.

Good so far

This app is really great! I still wish you could manually select which alerts you want or don't want. I also don't suppose there is a way to change the sound/music that plays when an alert is received? The normal EAS tones scare me.

NOAA Weather

Great app! Very helpful.


Great App! I use it all the time...invaluable for the many road trips and travels I make. Accurate, informative , up to date and easy to read. Wouldn't be without it.

NOAA Weather App

Great weather app! Easy to use and provides the info you need!


An all in one wonder.

Very useful

I live in a flood and tornado prone area; this app keeps me very informed.


Great weather app, highly recommend! The support team is excellent! The main reason I wanted this app is for the alerts. Had some severe weather move through the area today, and the support team contacted me to be sure I was getting the alert notifications! This weather app is better than ever! The severe weather push alerts work great, and now the weather and radar information automatically update when you open the app. Great job! Since the app has been revised and updated, it is better than ever! Weather info updates must faster now when app is opened. I also like the fact that I get all the push alerts for my county, but only the audible alerts for severe weather. Keep up the good work! I would recommend this weather app to everyone who likes keep informed and prepared for the weather!

Love it.

I have other weather apps that I use for my everyday weather, but for alerts, this one is the best. I love the audio alert. It is loud enough to wake you in case of dangerous weather and cannot be mistaken for another type of alert. I love it.

Great weather man

Best weather station I have. My go to station. Accurate also.

Favorite weather app

Have used this app since April 2012. Enjoy how comprehensive it is; how easy to change my location if I am traveling. When there was a problem with an earlier version the developers were on top of it. They responded promptly to me with a status update on the issue. Recommend it to others whenever asked about which weather app to use. I live in a rural area so no warning sirens by me; when working outside during tornado season I keep my phone with me to alert me to changing conditions. Also have on my iPad. I always recommend this app.


Always prepared for the weather! Always know the weather. Alerted when severe weather is in your area. Love this app

Very good

Overall, I like the app. The most useful feature is the weather alert function. I have set up alerts for the county in which I live and for the one in which my mother lives (over 1,000 miles from me). I really don't use the other functions of the app.

NOAA Weather Radar

My instant source for weather info. Lets me know what's happening around me. Great short-term planning tool. Handy to have available when needed. Handy to have if you are planning to have outdoor events; or, if you work outside. As a photographer, I can be prepared if my work takes me into an area of adverse weather. Really handy to have! Lets you have the upper hand when locals tell you the weather won't change; you can show them that they just might be wrong! With the variable weather conditions for this area, it's good to know if a sudden change might be coming! Very worthwhile! Our forecasts come from Duluth; and are often way off. We have a divide that they don't account for; and that changes the forecast a bunch. This app helps you plan right.

A Must Have App!

This is the weather app that I go to most often. It gives me the information I need to plan my day.

Fine App

Very creative approach.

Great app!

Timely accurate alerts. Wakes me up in tornado weather when I can't hear the sirens.

Nice to have all the radars across the country on one app

Convenient, easy to use, and nice to have all the different radars from cross the country.

Great app

I love this app. I get weather alerts as soon as they are posted. I also like that I can get alerts for several counties.

Love this app!

I love this App! It is so reassuring to be able to see radar at any time. I use it all the time. I only wish that I could see my local (Birmingham, AL) radar as weather in motion. Then it would be perfect!

Good App

Great app for reviewing weather conditions via the localized radars. Accurate and precise radars.

Excellent App!

All of the essential elements of NWS data are compiled in one place. This makes it so much easier for an individual to review current and upcoming weather situations. Private forecasting companies are decent, and getting better all the time. However I've always trusted National Weather Service information above all else. They seem to be the most stable, the most reliable, and the most accurate.


My go to app to check current and future forecasts.

General contracting/snow removal

This app is great really for anyone interested in knowing more about the weather then the average person! I'm a General contracting with winter basically here snow removal is my life! This app basically can tell me when I will be plowing snow before I ever get a call from anyone!! Great app!! I'd give it 6 stars!!

NOAA weather app

This app provides very useful information. It is transparent and quite manageable.

My favorite weather app

Use it every day.

Great App

Love this app. Great customer service . Great job guys !!

Advertising Apps

Graphical interface for my iPhone 5 is poor. Instead of having the bars at the top of the screen like in the pictures. The company wanted to sell me more of their apps.


Love it i can now do longer forecast for my area

All encompassing app!!

This definitely is my "go-to, all encompassing" app that has replaced all others I'd been using. This app is a keeper for years to come. ❤️👍


Fantastic push notifications for severe weather. Warnings and watches will reach you just minutes after NOAA issues them. Great continuous customer support for counties that aren't in the database.


This is a worthless app a big waste of money. My local news station radar is way better and is free.


Great application it provides excellent weather and updates.

Trash app

It's difficult and unintuitive to navigate. Overall, a poorly designed app with far too much information and far too little thinking about how to present it. Reminds me of my Palm days.

Very helpful

I had a problem using a function of the app. I emailed them and they were very responsive and helpful. Love this app even more now.

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