NOAA Weather Radar App Reviews

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Like this apps alot keep improving :)


Good weather feeds - excellent information, no exaggeration, high quality maps. The only weather app you need.


Its the best weather map ever I have ever Seen


An all in one wonder.

NOAA Weather App

Great weather app! Easy to use and provides the info you need!


Great App! I use it all the time...invaluable for the many road trips and travels I make. Accurate, informative , up to date and easy to read. Wouldnt be without it.

NOAA Weather

Great app! Very helpful.

Good so far

This app is really great! I still wish you could manually select which alerts you want or dont want. I also dont suppose there is a way to change the sound/music that plays when an alert is received? The normal EAS tones scare me.

Wouldnt be worth it if it was free

Just bought this app. A message says Im not connected to the internet appears when I try to use it. Other apps are working, looks like I just flushed a couple bucks down the toilet. Hope I didnt download a virus.

not happy

No support

Great App

Has been very accurate and helpful. I feel more comfortable having this app alarming and warning me in various bad weather conditions. A+++ rating from me! And it continues to warn me of weather in the areas I choose on my iPad Air. 5 stars


Redirects to wunderground, so when wunderground is down this app provides little to no value. Deleted...

NOAA Weather App

Decent app. The temperatures seem to reflect more accurately the temperature Im feeling at the time. The radar is fairly accurate too and has helped me beat storms heading to the sierras.

Poorly done!

It needs more work. Specially when it comes to the radar image. The quality of the image is extremely poor compared to other apps such as Intellicast, NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro and many others. Which show a detail google map with good quality image. Some even show you with a dot where you are on the map and you can zoom in. And you can select to view it as a still image or loop video that you can pause at any time. Others apps also show you past and future radar images/video. And their satellite image is not a little window at the top right hand corner of the screen. They really need to go back to the drawing board with this one.

Awesome. Great push notifications!

My only concern about this app is the fact that it is not necessarily user-friendly for people who live outside the mainstream viewing areas like New York or charlotte. I also think that they should bring back the old spark lightning detector format as the new one isnt as smooth. Would like to see more local radars if at all possible but other then that love everything about this app.

Very useful

I live in a flood and tornado prone area; this app keeps me very informed.

Great app

I really count on this app


Would be a five but it wont let me purchase the extra stuff. Other wise great app. It finally let me download all the stuff I wanted. Next I will see how it works when watches and warnings for my area works. With sever weather right around the corner I cant wait to see this app in motion.

Love this app

This app is awesome, great source for weather, I always check it every morning because my job is weather dependent by highly recommend this app!!

Great for the Great Lakes

An invaluable tool when boating on the lake for a real time look at the wx. Also great when traveling to know what to pack (rain coat, umbrella).

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